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Zirconium Tooth Veneer

Zirconium Tooth Veneer

What is zirconium tooth coating?

There are many dental coating materials used in dentistry. Zirconium is one of these materials. Dental crowns can generally be categorised under two main headings: metal-supported and ceramic-based crowns-coatings.

Zirconium crown material is one of the most preferred materials among ceramic-based crown materials. Zirconium teeth do not contain metal inside, and the tooth coating is natural tooth colour inside and outside. There is no risk of allergy as in teeth with metal substructure. Since the light transmittance and reflection in zirconium teeth are similar to those of natural teeth, much more aesthetically beautiful smiles can be obtained.

Why zirconium in dental veneers and dental aesthetics?

The most advanced level desired to be achieved in smile aesthetics is to have teeth with proper alignment, healthy gums and natural tooth transparency and light transmission. It is possible to achieve this most natural state of a beautiful smile with zirconium teeth.

Zirconium teeth are much more tissue-friendly than metal-supported teeth in terms of gingival harmony. Zirconium teeth are very successful in providing and maintaining a healthy gingival structure, which is one of the most important criteria of smile aesthetics. In addition, we can obtain the closest colour and light reflections to our natural teeth with zirconium teeth. Considering all these factors, zirconium material is the right choice for a good aesthetic appearance.

Who is zirconium tooth coating applied to?

Zirconium dental veneers can preferably be made to anyone who is over the age of 18 (in some cases such as trauma, this limit can be reduced to 16 years of age) who needs veneers-crowns. In some cases, the dentist may recommend both metal-supported porcelain and zirconium teeth, while in some cases, he may prefer metal-supported porcelain or zirconium teeth. The important thing is to evaluate the case correctly, to understand the patient's expectation correctly and to present the best option for the patient with experience.

How is zirconium tooth made?

In general, the construction principle of all dental coatings is similar. In order to make a zirconium tooth, the tooth is first prepared in the mouth to be coated. If a tooth is to be coated for the first time, the tooth must be reduced (tooth cutting).

If a previously made tooth coating is to be changed, the coating in the mouth is first removed and then the tooth cut is corrected. Thus, the tooth is made ready for impression taking. Measurements can be taken with digital scanning devices as well as using traditional impression methods. Then these measurements are delivered to the technician in the laboratory environment. Zirconium tooth design is made on the prepared models in digital environment.

The design is obtained as a zirconium tooth as a result of the production of zirconium blocks placed in scrapers (machines that make the tooth) with high technology.

Zirconium Tooth Prices Ankara in Turkey

Zirconium tooth prices may vary according to the type and quality of the zircon material used, the price list of the technician who makes the tooth, and the experience of the physician who makes the zircon tooth. However, zirconium tooth prices are higher than metal-supported porcelain tooth prices in every way. Your physician will give you the most accurate information about zirconium prices after your examination.

Does zirconium tooth coating harm the tooth?

Zirconium material is a tooth coating material compatible with tissues. If the correct diagnosis is made and worked with a professional team, zirconium tooth coating will not harm the tooth.

How long is the life of zirconium dental crown?

Zirconium crowns, like every tooth, whether metal-supported or full ceramic-based crowns, have a lifespan. If quality materials are used and a good application is made in the mouth, the patient can use zirconium teeth for many years without any problems. Of course, there are some factors affecting this period.

If the indication is correct and a quality production is made; If the patient pays attention to the care recommendations in line with the doctor's recommendations, he will use his zirconium tooth for many years in a healthy way.

What should those who have zirconium tooth coatings pay attention to?

We should show the same care to our zirconium teeth as we care for our own natural teeth. Sometimes patients think that their teeth are now stronger than before when they have teeth made, and they can make very wrong evaluations such as that there is no need for much care because it is coated.

On the contrary, teeth with zirconium crowns require very good care as with all other crowns. If we do not do our brushing sufficiently and effectively, plaque accumulation occurs in the places where zirconium meets the gums, and this leads to decay and gingival infections in the teeth under the zirconium in the long term.

Patients with zirconium teeth should brush their teeth at least 2 times a day; They should use additional hygiene products such as toothpaste and interface brush recommended by their doctors.

Update Date: 10.08.2023
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